Monthly Archives: January 2013

Music fuels my fire……

I had to think for a minute on what actually inspires me and it shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did to think about it.  Almost everything I do involves listening to music.  I really cannot function without it.  Everyday in the car I listen to it on the way to school, as soon as I get out of the car my headphones go in and the walk to class begins with my music on.  I would have never gotten back into running again if I didn’t have music to motivate me especially when that awesome upbeat song comes on during a 5k race that lets me power through that last half mile.  There are so many songs that provide me with a sense of nostalgia when I hear them.  Thinking of things that happened to me growing up, whether it be love or loss, victory or defeat, or whatever emotions I was going through at the time.  I love how a song can get you pumped up to do almost anything.  I can remember times having to clean my apartment and how much I didn’t want to do so, but I just threw on a pair of headphones and turned into a cleaning machine.  Even on the reverse side of things when you might feel melancholy some slower tempo songs are great to just sit and think about what is going on at the time.  Music is the reason I dress the way I do, wear my hair the way I do, and act the way I do.  I think my life would be totally different without music, so yeah I think it is easy to say with confidence that music is my motivator in life.


The Egg Vs Me

Hmmm……To tell you the complete truth, I struggled with this assignment.  I really did not feel very creative this week.  I talked to a few of my friends about what I had to do for this assignment and it made me more frustrated the more I thought about it.  Amazing that an egg and an assignment with almost no limits at all could create such a throbbing pain in my head.  Originally, I wanted to throw the egg at the chalkboard in class and take a picture of it for the sheer excitement of being spontaneous and creating shock value.  The days through the week kept passing and my anger for the egg began to intensify because of the sheer frustration it was putting me through.  I drew a face on the egg, a face that seemed to be mocking me because of my lack of creativity.  The more I thought about the egg , the worse my anxiety became, until the point where I just wanted to destroy the egg, but how ?  Shall I scramble it in a breakfast foods type of fate?  Run it over with car creating a yolk infested CSI scene ?  Throw it off a building as far as I could never to be seen again?  No…….these are all the easy ways out.  I will keep it.  Keep it as a reminder that there are going to be challenges out there that I am going to struggle with and sometimes not even complete or finish, but I need to see everything through till the end, good or bad and deal with the path I chose.   So here’s to you Mr. Egg, a big middle finger and a smile for a week of headache, but also a small epiphany. 

Seeing Sideways ……Day 1

January 7, 2013……..School of Informatics building…………..2nd floor………….A mob of rolling desk chair students covered the hallways, sliding to and fro to bathrooms and vending machines with maniacal looks in their eyes.  Laughter filled the halls and deathly stares peered out of the classrooms at the rolling desk mob.  Someone was behind this ……but who?  There had been talks of an instructor that influenced such chaotic behavior and even ENCOURAGED it!!  Beth Lykins was her name and breaking the rules was her game.  I heard a touching story in class that day about quitting a job in hopes to find a new way of life.  I , too want to find my way in life.  I hope this class gives me some more insight on creativity, thinking, and being even more different then I already am.  That is how my first day went of Seeing Sideways.